Classic Cruises and Tours Privacy Policy

1. Introduction 

Classic Cruises and Tours is committed to help you understand how we try to protect your privacy.  We have taken many steps trying to help safeguard customer information we obtain.

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) seeks to inform you of our policies and practices and choices you can make about how your information is collected and how that information is used. This is a policy, stating what we try to do. It is not a contract obligation on our part. However, pursuant to this policy you grant certain consents, licenses and exclusions and limitations of liability.

Signature Travel Network Cooperative, Inc., a California consumer cooperative corporation (“Signature”) operates the email program for Classic Cruises and Tours. Signature collects, uses and discloses personal information it may receive from your visit to this Site or use of Signature-managed pages, accessed at or pages therein. By using this Site, you consent to Signature’s collection, use, and disclosure of your information as described below. Please review this policy. If there is any part you do not agree with, or if you do not think this policy provides enough protection, you should immediately exit this Site and not remain or visit it. If there is information you do not wish to consent to our receipt, collection or use of, you should not use or remain at this Site. (Some information may have been collected from your visit thus far).

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, you may contact the Signature at or 800-339-0868. If you have a Customer Service issue, please contact

2. Our Information Gathering Practices 

We obtain information several ways.  We try to limit the information we obtain to only what is necessary for the purposes we collect the information.  Here are types of information we collect, and where it comes to us from.

Voluntary disclosure. We collect information you provide, such as your name, address, phone, email address and travel preferences. We obtain this from you or from our member agencies who have information about you. If someone plans travel that includes you, like your spouse, family or friend who includes you in travel plans, they may provide us information about you.

Using this site requires disclosure of personal information. You are given a choice to let Signature obtain and transfer to this site, information you provided to Signature or to a Signature member agency; or enter new information yourself. You can choose from these options (clicking on your choice) at the appropriate screen in this site.

We collect information we receive from your visit to this site or use of Signature-managed pages in the site When you visit or use our site, we obtain data about you, the device you use, about your visit, date and time of visit, browser type, IP address, and operating system, internet service provider, websites from which you accessed our site, what you do in the visit, pages you visit, order of pages, time on each page, and other information. These are only examples; technology may let us collect and store other data about your visit, use and activities

Account information. When you create a profile, we ask for personal information, such as your name, username, password, zip code and email address and we collect this if you provide it.

Information from Member Travel Agencies. We collect personal information about you that is provided to us when member agencies use our services. When we provide services to member agencies, we obtain data about the agency’s clients. A member agency’s privacy policy may describe the agency’s sharing of information with us. But we are not responsible for completeness, accuracy or any aspect of a member agency’s or anyone else’s privacy policy.

Third Parties. We receive information about you, from third parties, like credit bureaus. They develop and provide us profile codes about you based on information about you that they have and information we provide them.

Other Information.  Other information we collect or develop from your visits to our site or from member agencies, or from our system’s internal processes, could include alternative name(s) you used; unique personal identifier; online identifier; IP, email and/or postal address; information on education, employment, age, relationship status; services and products considered, purchased or obtained; browsing, search, purchase and use histories and tendencies; website path-of-travel; location information; electronic information; employment information; other profile information; preferences, characteristics, psychologic trends predispositions, behaviors and attitudinal information.

Surveys. We value opinions and comments from customers, member agencies, suppliers and others. You can give us feedback through surveys or by telling us your views at any time. Our survey may ask for personal information so we can identify you. Doing this is voluntary. You can choose to not respond to a survey and not send us a comment or respond or comment but not include personal information.

Contests and Sweepstakes. If we sponsor and you enter a contest, sweepstakes or other promotion on the site, we ask for personal information so we can administer it and notify winners. Participation is voluntary.

Applications.  If you apply for membership, international affiliation, employment, or to be a supplier or preferred supplier, you will provide personal information in the application and application process. A job application provides us many kinds of personal information, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, tax id number, membership or other number associated with ASTA, ARC, IATAN and state seller of travel registration(s) and photograph. A membership, affiliate or supplier application mainly concerns your company but will also include the above information about owner(s) and/or manager(s).

Event Registration. If you register to participate at an event we conduct, you will provide personal information in the registration process including name, address, phone and email and photograph.

Comments. You can email or phone us or write to us at our address. Our email and mail address and phone number are provided at the end of this policy. Our personnel also receive emails. We store these communications, including personal information you include, so we can respond or evaluate the comments in the future.

Other Information. Possibly we could collect other information not listed above, for example, metadata, and possibly new kinds of information have been derived since this policy was written or will be derived in the future, that we collect or will collect. Personnel could receive information from sources not categorized above, such as being told information, seeing or hearing information on the internet or in other media, receiving unsolicited information, learning something in a discussion and noting it for reference, or any other ways information is received, noted and saved.

Other Sources. We collect any information you enter on our site, or that your device provides to our site, or that you or others give us any other way. Additionally, persons affiliated with us could see, read, hear or receive and potentially make note and collect information received in news and advertising media (broadcast, print, internet, social media) and oral and written communications with others, in the course of activities in roles for us or in personal activities.

3. “Cookies” and Other Web Technologies 

We use cookies to try to improve the quality of our service, make the Site easier to use, and protect you and Signature. Cookies